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When Dr Neela started medical school, her elderly grandfather wrote a letter of congratulations. In this, he reminded her of the importance of kindness towards patients as the cornerstone of good healthcare. 

“Be kind towards the patients, hear their sufferings and give them encouraging words, which is sure to give them fifty per cent relief even before the treatment is started.”

Dr Neela holds this advice close to her heart. She is determined to listen carefully, understand every individual patient’s needs and goals, and work with their to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Patients have a right to communicate and be heard; to understand their health issues and available options in language and terminology that is understandable; to participate in the decision making process; and to access appropriate treatment regardless of their socioeconomic status.

She sees the medical profession as a team, and has worked hard to build a network of doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and allied health professionals who share the same philosophies.


Dr Neela believes strongly that provision of healthcare should be fair and just. She is committed to providing health care without discrimination or bias, and this includes a commitment to making expert care accessible to everyone.

She is sensitive to language and cultural differences, understands and respects specific needs and capabilities, and is an ally for those from diverse backgrounds.  

She is a proud employee of the Australian public health system, and also believes in the right of patients to choose health care providers who listen, understand, and have the expertise they need. 

She understands that everyone comes from individual circumstances, and always tries to provide the care that patients need as individuals, not as diagnoses. She always spends the time that any individual requires, rather than watching the clock – sometimes this means that she runs late, but she will never try and ‘catch up’ with someone else. She strives to provide every patient with the attention and care that they require. 

She charges fees that she feels are fair and just, and reflect the cost of doing business. She will never engage in extortionate or unethical billing practices. She will never charge different out of pocket fees for different options for the same condition, as she firmly believes that patients have a right to choose the treatment that is right for them, rather than the treatment that they can afford.

In line with this philosophy, approximate out of pocket surgical fees are available on this website, and the approximate upper limit fee for any given condition can be provided by her secretaries.


Dr Neela has spent years obtaining additional degrees and qualification to make her an expert in her field. She holds a Masters of Public Health, completed at the same time as her training to become a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, and is internationally trained as a specialist Hand and Wrist Surgeon. Only a small number of surgeons in Australia have this additional expertise, which allows her to offer novel and advanced treatments for common hand and wrist conditions, as well as understand and treat complex and unique problems.

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